Thursday, August 16, 2018

Well, yes, it has been a while. And true, much has happened. But I am still here, the same NanaB, now widow of Bob. grandmother of Kristin, Lisa, Michael, Sean, Stacy, Brianne, Brigitte, Lauren, Emma, Levi, Kas, Antionette, Ana Zophia, Boston, Mason, Sidney, Tabitha, Ian, Brecken, Karsten, Cullen, Eliza, Arianna, Hannah, Catcher, Whitman, Olive, Bennett, Amelia, Callahan.  I am great grandmother of Cerenity, Rhea, Alex, Carter, Jackson, Danian, and soon to be little girl Bogle, of Brigitte, and Rogier  Bogle Van Geel. My focus has changed from being a wife and mom to being a person searching for identity. I love being the mom of adult children. I am amazed at the accomplishments of my children in their successes.  I am saddened when my children suffer hardship and failure, but having faith in God, and having been through many trying circumstances, I know that these things shall be but fleeting. I love my role of grandmother, am a bit bewildered by my role as great-grandmother. The grandparents of the great grand babies on our side of those families both died young, leaving a gap , that I sometimes fill, but not completely. I guess my new name, NanaB, helps ease that transition. Still my own identity seems to flutter somewhere just out of my reach. I know that I am a child of my Heavenly Father. As such I enjoy serving in callings in my Ward. I also love serving in the Gilbert Arizona Temple, where I stretch my learning capacity, try to improve my abilities to be helpful and kind and strive to become as close to my Heavenly Father as I can here on earth.   Oops, sorry for the interruption, I apparently love flooding my back courtyard and my dirt and gravel back driveway. At least it seem so to my older brother, Steve, who lives with me and uses that area to indulge his smoking habit. Yes, sometimes I am still the farmer's wife, gardening, raising chickens, rounding up cattle, and cooking everything from fresh ingredients. I suppose that would be enough activity to fill my days if I had a bank account to support those indulgences without concern. Well I don't quite have the funds to maintain this lifestyle indefinately. I'd like to supplement my retirement with some endeavor of my own.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Dress for Baby Olive

On May 12, 2012 a precious little girl was born into the Reuben and Megan Craghead family.  I claim her mother,  Megan, as my baby daughter,  so I just naturally claim Olive Reu as part of my family. Yes,  I realize that I am just a grandmother,  and have no first rights claim on this dear child,  any more than I do on the other 25 adorable,  wonderful adults,  children and babies that I call Grandchildren.  I do however, have one privledge, when granted by  the mommies and daddies of these divine creatures, and that is to make blessing attire for them. I always consult with the moms as to the design, fabric, color etc. of these tiny outfits.  Since Olive"s Blessing is fast approaching, I am in the middle of sewing a special dress for this little darlin'. Megan has chosen "MOM"
as her career. She is good at it. She studies the latest research on health and nutrition for wee ones. She delves into theories of discipline and training. She is up on the latest in educational theory, and she has strong opinion on style.I am proud of her and admire her tenacity and dedication to her job It is amazing, however,  that a mother and daughter who care deeply for one another and agree on so many things, even things pertaining to style, can have such different opinions on the tiny detail stuff like ruffles and bows. I like them both in large quantities. Megan doesn't really love either. I have known this since she was two, when she started dressing herself in her brother's hand-me-down cut-off jeans and T shirts,  rejecting the adorable pink or lavender ruffled and bow covered togs that I and her older sisters chose for her.  So I should not have been surprised that she rejected the gorgeous lace embroidered with bows, or the lace edged ruffle that I attempted to use on the hem of Olive's dress. Ok,  I was not surprised,  but thought I could get by with using them anyway. Megan was  as kind as a kitten as she explained that no. she didn't love the "bow lace", and well the ruffle was just too much. She didn't want me to have to go to the trouble of picking out the stitches from the netting
the dress was made of, or go to the expense of ordering additional lace. "After all in fifty years I'll just be grateful that Olive had a lovely dress made by her grandmother". But, she didn't love those hem treatments, and I want her to love the dress I am making for her daughter.  I love Megan and little Olive, and I respect my daughter as Mom. My hope is that Olive Reu's dress will wrap her in the garb of affection I feel for them both.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just saw that my daughter, Merilee, commented on my last post, and it gave me the umph I needed to post again.. Alot has happened . Little things, like 12 hens just wasn't quite exciting enough, even though they have been laying eggs like crazy! They average 10 a day. Last Friday I went with Megan, Reuben and their boys to a feed store where we bought 10 baby chicks. They are Dixie Rainbow chicks. They are doing very well in their cage inside the coup. The hens are curious about them, but are getting used to all their hopping around. Ty and Shanda's dear little Amelia was blessed a few weeks ago. She looked adorable in her sweet little dress. And I must confess, her dress was adorable, even if I did make it! Now I am on to making a pink spring dress for the precious little Eliza Jane, Tom and Natalie's youngest and only girl. She is a blossoming 1 year old, brimming with new skills daily. I must finish her dress very soon, and then start on a blessing outfit for little Olive. Olive is our next precious little one to soon make an entrance into earth life. I am so anxious to see this little cutie, but not half so anxious as her Mom and Dad.
And lastly, two dear and lovely ladies hve passed, I am sure into Heaven, Audry Ryan, and Judy Hearn. Both of these women gave generously to their communities as well as to their families. " Thank you" just isn't enough to express the positive impact that either of these ladies
had on my life. God bless and speed you to life eternal.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ups and Downs

Hi friends, this is Betty. It has been one of those up and down days. It was up when I drove to get Omega 3 feed for my 12 chickens. I got a few other things for them as well, like oyster shell calcium and grit to clean their gullets. Ha Ha, that strikes me funny! But kind of down tonight when I could not remember how long ago Bob Had his stroke. Was it three years ago or Four years ago? Lets see. I think Monique's family moved here in the summer of , oh goodness , I think a year and a half ago, so it was 2010? My brain just could not wrap around the fact that Bob has been in this hospital bed for almost 4 years. But yes, Tom and Natalie lived here for two years after Bob's stroke, and then Mo and David came. The day was up again when I taped a few stones to be soldered into my project. Playing the piano was nice, but I struggle to play well enough for our Ward choir. We have extremely patient choir leaders! I loved taking Whit out to see the cows with Jacob, our choir director, Hiedi Whipples' adorable little boy. Sometimes my mind seems whirley, and I just want it to be clear. Sometimes I am just fine. Love you all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is "the first day of the rest of my life". The picture you see is the first step of a joint project my son, Chris, and I are undertaking. Chris, this is the sort of typical, frilly, feminine type of smocking that I normally do. I am not sure that this is what you want, but I need to give you a starting point. So, you can tell me"this is good, just what I want" or "yuk, way too childish and pink!" I did it in pink cause I had this fabric and it was sitting by my machine when I got the glass piece to practice on. I have lots of other ideas, but I needed to start somewhere and get feedback from you. I am so excited to do a project with Chris. I think of him as being amazingly creative, an artist, so it makes me giddy to think that I can do something creative with him, me, the homemaker, the mom, the caregiver. Do I really feel up to this? Well I may not be"up" to it, but I am over the top excited about trying. Thank you for suggesting that we try!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blessings come in many sizes and shapes. Some are giant size, like our lives, our spouses, our health. Some are tiny like our babies, butterflies, chocolate candy. Some are intangible, like kindness from others, and a spiritual awakening. Some are breathtaking like a rainbow or a mountain meadow. Some are just everyday things like having a clean house or enjoying a hobby. One is a special day in the life of a wee one, just come from Heaven to sojourn on earth. In my church we introduce these new little ones with a formal"Blessing" pronounced most often by Dad in front of the Congregation. A name is given as well as a blessing pronounced under the guidance of the Holy Ghost. The tiny little cherub receiving this blessing is not required to wear anything in particular, but it is often family tradition for baby to wear a white dress or romper to represent the purity of these little ones in the eyes of God. When my youngest daughter was four years old, I learned a sewing technique called smocking. Aw come on, you remember, all those cute little Polly Flinders dresses, so cute, and so expensive! Anyway smocking led to Heirloom Sewing which led to Christening gowns and rompers. Which leads to another blessing for me. I have lots of hours to fill as I stay with my husband who is pretty much bed bound with a severe stroke. When my fingers get itchie for something to do, I pick up my smocking and work on a dress or other smocking project. I also had the chance to help my oldest daughter make a Christening gown for her firstborn. Yes, blessings come in all sizes, I think maybe the ones I like best come in size Newborn. Thank you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Can Come Home

It is said that" you can't go home", meaning that when you do go home, things will be different and it won't seem like home. As the mom of all grown up children, I want to say "you can come home, PLEASE." No, things will not be the same as when you grew up. The house will be older. The grass will not seem as green. The trees may not even seem as large. The garden where you worked hours on end may have shrunk to postage stamp size. All of the many interesting places you used to play will now seem silly or dangerous, or at best boring. Your favorite foods may not taste as good. You've had better chicken soup at the grocery store. The bisquits are better at KFC. Old man Jacobs, down the street is dead now, and your best friend across town has become an accountant with no sense of humor. The corner grocery has been replaced by a Super Selllmart, and they sure won't let you get your own dill pickle out of the wooden barrel in the meat cooler with a pair of tongs. You will not be a child anymore, you may even have to follow around a little cherub of your own. You won't feel the same carefree self you used to be.

But from the inside out, you will be the finest sight in the world. You will be more beautiful, or handsome, and smarter than you have ever been. Your spouse will be the nicest person ever, and your children will be the cutest little creatures that ever lived. And even though YOU get tired and bored and annoyed with your parents for being so old fashioned and slow, YOUR PARENT will wish you had more time to spend with them. So ok, home will now be where you live with your little family. But, to the folks who gave you your beginnings, you will always be the son, or daughter that grew up in the old house, with the run down yard, and the dangerous play places. You will always be the laughter and the tears that filled the kitchen where grandma's chicken soup was made, and the owner of the "ouwies" and the" triumphs" that demanded every waking hour of attention of that mom and dad who love you so much. So do come home, please, over and over again. No, things will not be the same. But as you share your childhood memories with you own little family, things might be as comfy as an old quilt.